Together, more control over the winter!

During the winter months traffic flow and general road safety can be jeopardised, due to snowfall and black ice. This is precisely the moment when BG-Engineering helps government agencies and companies to keep their roads passable and safe!

Keeping the roads safe and passable is, among other things, done with the Slipperiness Reporting System (SRS), which uses road sensors to automatically register when the risk of slipperiness increases and presents the results online. Through the module Spreading Action Management (SAM), spreaders can also be monitored online in real time. Do unexpected defects occur? The module Defect Reporting System (DRS) that we offer makes it easy to report defects. The system also provides full insight into the process from damage to repair.

Why are customers choose BG-Engineering?

Because working accurately and analytically is in our DNA. Because we are technically progressive. Because we are constantly focused on detecting and reporting any slippery roads as quickly as possible, so the customer can anticipate this. In addition, we think along and advise on the best locations for the installation of measuring stations and sensors within the relevant road network, based on the Infrared Measurements and area analysis. Complex matter for you perhaps, but a piece of cake for us!

Regardless of the weather conditions, BG-Engineering continuously works on the (further) development of systems, processes, services and the team. Innovation comes first, just like the wishes of our customers. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

With Winter-Control we provide the following services

Infrared Measurements
Meet waar de kans op gladheid het grootst is
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Slipperiness Reporting System
Waarschuwt na meting en analyse automatisch wanneer de kans op gladheid toeneemt
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Spreading Action Management
Biedt controle over en inzicht in strooiacties
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Factureert automatisch en geeft financieel inzicht op elk gewenst moment
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Salt Management
Biedt altijd inzicht in de actuele voorraad en meldt grenswaardes
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Defect Reporting System
Geeft inzicht in het gehele defectenproces, van constatering tot oplossing
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Notification Centre
Alle notificaties van GMS, SAM en DMS in één module en derden snel op de hoogte
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Single Sign-On
Eén keer inloggen voor toegang tot de verschillende webapplicaties
The province of North Holland helps road users on their way, especially in winter!