Measure where the chance of slipperiness is greatest

IM | Infrared Measurements

Prevention is better than cure: that statement certainly applies to management of slippery roads. Our infrared measurements respond perfectly to this. We leave nothing to chance, because we record the most critical locations very accurately based on infrared measurements. These are the locations within your management area where our measurements first register that it is becoming slippery.

Temperature profile: measuring stations at the correct locations

Measuring is knowing, but measuring at the correct locations – and therefore working with the right data – is crucial, especially in the case of slippery detection. Get the most out of your measuring stations and the GMS by having infrared measurements carried out in advance. This results in a temperature profile of your road network, which also shows where the risk zones are. This is important, because for the most reliable information, our measuring stations are always located in the risk zones: the bridges, viaducts, tunnels and shady environments within your road network. The lowest temperatures are often measured here and the chance of slippery conditions is therefore greatest. BG Engineering helps you determine the best measuring station locations by issuing an advisory report. Google Maps makes the results of the measurements visible through colors in the Winter-Control web application. The results are also displayed in various graphs, so that you can get a good overview of the measurement results in various ways. You can always view the data via an online login.

Infrared Measurements – the advantages

  • Knowing exactly where the risk zones of your road network are located
  • Infrared measurements carried out as a service by BG-Engineering
  • Infrared measurements carried out yourself by renting the measuring equipment
  • All measurements clearly displayed in a Temperature Profile
  • Complete Temperature Profile of your road network easily available online
  • All measuring stations and sensors at the correct locations
  • Maximum return from GMS

Chances within your management area

Over the years, the situation within your management area changes, and you must anticipate this for safety and optimal slippery control. “Is my current measuring station still in the right place?” is therefore a valid, recurring question. We therefore recommend that you carry out a complete infrared measurement of your management area once every ten years.